Gotta Start Somewhere

So I was under the impression that the Pro Bowl was for the best players. Shame on me, right? News released a few days ago announced that the AFC’s three quarterbacks for the game would be Matt Schaub, David Garrard, and Vince Young. Now there is a group of winners–oh wait, never mind. Apparently winning is overrated because it is no longer a criteria to be considered a star. These are three mediocre quarterbacks, leading three mediocre teams…until Sunday, where they will get to lead the ultimate team. Honestly, if Chris Johnson wasn’t playing, what point would there be in turning on the game?

The root of this problem is that the Pro Bowl has been moved to the week prior to the Superbowl. Now, for the first time, the city hosting the Superbowl–Miami–will also host the Pro Bowl. In an attempt to raise popularity in the otherwise unnoticed game, the NFL agreed to the switch. I just don’t think they ever foresaw a game headlined by nobodies. Look at the three–Schaub, Garrard, and Young. Combined, they have two playoff starts, both belonging to Garrard in 2007. Schaub looks somewhat promising, but he can’t manage to win a big game. And Young has taken his fans on a tumultuous ride since being drafted.

Either way you look at it–whether you’re for or against the game occurring a week earlier–it’s quite obvious that something needs to change. But for now, on Sunday, we are going to learn that the NFL has a very loose interpretation of the word all-star.

Goin' to Miami

Welcome to Miami


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